Goals and objectives of the journal

Aims and tasks of the journal  


The aim of issuing the journal is informational support of fundamental and applied research conducted on regional, federal and international level  in the sphere of ecologically safe development of industry, preserving the mineral resources and biosphere sustainability, as well as of a well-though way of consumption of natural resources.

The journal sets a very important task – to put together theoretical and applied issues of Ecology and Nature Management, uniting the creative potential of those people and organizations which are interested in preserving the nature and providing ecological safety.  The articles published in the journal generalize the most contemporary experience of certain organization and specialists in the sphere of nature management. The journal lets a wide range of readers, scientists, representatives of legislative and executive branches get to know the research results.

One of the main tasks of the editorial board of the journal consists in increasing the quality of the journal and to inform people of the journal with the help of the Map of Science of Russia: through increasing the amount of scientific reviews dealing with the most topical spheres of Ecology, ecological safety, effective nature management, through publishing articles of the authors most ofter referred to, striving to being indexed in international databases in accordance with all the international standards and requirements of the citation indexes Scopus  and/or  Web of Science,  inclusion of the journal in these informational databases and of the basis of agents of other electronic resources.

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