For Authors

Rules for submitting, reviewing, and publishing scientific papers

  1. The journal accepts scientific articles, reports, reviews, overviews (on a special request of the Editorial Board) in all fields of Environmental Studies. The papers, that have beenpreviously published or are currently being accepted for publication by other journals,may beaccepted after the Editorial Board decision. In substantiated cases, and provided that it does not violate the regulatory requirements for the use of the results of scientific and technological activities and the copyright, the article may be sent on behalf of the author (authors). The scientific papers, submittedfor publication, should contain a rationale for the relevance, a clear statement of the aims and objectives of the research, scientific reasoning, generalizations and conclusions that are of interest for their novelty, scientific and practical significance.

    The optimal scope of a manuscript is: 10-15 pages of standard A4 size paper for an article, arranged in compliance with the requirements listed below, 4 pages for a report, 3 pages for a review, 5 pages for anoverview of scientific activities. In some cases, methodological, problem or overview articles up to 20 pages of standard A4 size may be taken by agreement with the Editorial Board.

  2. For the article to be accepted for publication, you should submit the text of the article, the information about the authors and scanned copies of the external and internal peer reviews of the article by mail and e-mail ([email protected]).

    Requirements for the text of a manuscript:

    1. The text should be typed in any version of Word in book font (preferably Times New Roman) (14 PT), on one side of the white sheet of standard A4 size paper, 1.5 line spacing. The font size is 100%, the spacing between letters is standard. All margins of the manuscript should be not less than 20 mm, the size of the indentation is standard (1.25 cm).
    2. The order of the text arrangement:

      the first line is for UDC..... (leftalignment),

      the second line: the title of the article (in lower case letters, bold, center alignment),

      the third line: the initials and the surname of the author (authors), title, affiliation, e-mail or postal address (lowercase letters, right alignment),

      the fourth line: the text of the article (justified alignment).

    3. References should not contain more than 10 items (for methodological articles, the list can be increased after the consultation with the Editorial Board). References are given in order of their mention in the text and are placed at the end of the article with the exact bibliography data output:

      The electronic version and the hard copy of the article are not returned to the author.

  3. Articles Review

    1. All papers submitted to the journal which are compliant with its themes undergo peer reviewing for their expert assessment. All peer reviewers are leading experts in the subject area of the reviewed papers and have their own publications on the subject area of the reviewed paper within three year period. The reviews are stored by the journal and the editorial board for five years.
    2. The editorial board of the journal sends the copies of peer reviews or a motivated refusal to the authors of the submitted papers, as well as pledges to dispatch the copies of peer reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in case of a respective request to the editorial board from the Ministry.
    3. The paper can either be recommended for publication or sent back for revision, or rejected as not corresponding to the subject area or the scientific level of the journal, or for other reasons. The editorial board reserves the right to change the text of the article, in accordance with the recommendations of the reviewers.