CONTENTS № 2 - 2016

I.V. Rumyantsev, A. M. Dunaev, T. M. Ostrovnaya, M. V. Frontasyeva, V. I. Grinevich. Evaluation of soil cover quality in the Ivanovo Region 5 Details
S. S. Voronich, N. N. Grebenkin, N. N. Royeva, D. A Zaitsev, A. N. Baranov, D. E. Pakhomov, A. G. Khlopayev. A modern concept of the development of the system of ecological monitoring of the industrial regions of Russia    14 Details
T. V. Bardina, V. V. Kulibaba, M. V. Chugunova, V. I. Bardina. Ecotoxicity diagnostics of soils of the past environmental damage industrial facilities with the help of the biotesting systems 20 Details
A. N. Kamnev The concept of hydrobiology development in Russia. Part 1 26 Details
I. P. Boiko, G. I. Katorgina, L. L. Kyzmin, V. N. Burenkov, E. G. Yaskin. The study of blood circulation in people living in different environmental conditions 35 Details
E. A.Artemyeva, A. V. Mishchenko, D. K. Makarov. Bioecological and ecological-genetic monitoring of populations of white-haired wagtail motacilla flava leucocephala (Przewalski, 1887) (passeriformes, motacillidae) in the Middle Volga Region 38 Details
M. V. Gordeev, L. V. Ishmaeva. Correction of chronic pancreatitis with the use of teas 43 Details
A.A. Evseeva. Ficaria verna Huds. as an indicator of the environmental safety and health environment of a city 47 Details
S. M. Malkhazova, E. G. Korolyova. Experience in teaching Human Ecology to students at geographical faculties 52 Details
E. G. Manuilova. The role of regional research in radioecology evolution in Russia  57 Details
D.A. Solodovnikov. Application of geomorphologic methods in the study of the tectonic movement of the coasts of water reservoirs 63 Details
A. V.Prokhorova, L. N. Plekhanova. A. V.Prokhorova, L. N. Plekhanova. Forecast evaluation of recovery rate of abandoned chernozems in the Trans-Ural steppe at the introduction of the protected mode 67 Details
S. A. Sladkopevtsev Theory and practice of mapping 72 Details
G. G. Kozlova, S. A. Onina, A. S.Apkadyrova, S. M. Usmanov. Determination of the content of selenium and elements-antagonists in the soil of the Mishkinsky District of the Republic of Bashkortostan 78 Details
N. M. Zabelina, N. A. Yurgenson, E. V. Shushkova. Cross-border cooperation of Russia and the Republic of Belarus in especially protected natural territories 82 Details
I.D. Alborov, O. G. Burdzieva, F. G. Tedeyeva. Formation of past environmental damage caused by mining and processing of nonferrous metal ores 92 Details
A. V. Shakirov, A. R. Khafizov. Environmental safety of the Nugush Reservoir in Bashkortostan 96 Details
G. G. Osadchaya, T. Yu. Zengina, N. S. Kovaleva. Principles and methods of cryolithozone ecodiagnostics (the case of the European North-East) 102 Details
A.I. Azhgirevich. The ozone-ion processing in systems of circulating water supply enterprises 108 Details