CONTENTS № 3 - 2016

G. I. Safina, N. G. Kuramshina. Distribution of heavy metals in the basic elements of ecosystems of small watercourses (the Dyoma River, Bashkortostan) 5 Details
A. I. Melchenko, E. A. Esaulenko, V. A. Pogorelovа The influence of varietal characteristics of apple cultivar “Red Melba” and  “Slavapobeditelyam” (“Glory to the winners”) on the accumulation of  90Sr  in vegetative and generative organs 9 Details
A. V. Shpakovich, M. D. Kharlamova, E. D. Mazygula, V. A. Grachev. The Kerch peninsulas environmental network as a basis of the natural steppe biocenoses biodiversity 15 Details
J. A. Nadzhafov, G. O. Guseynova, H. Dzh. Yusufova Ecological features of distribution and the population dynamics of the wood mouse (Silvaemus, Rodentia) on the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus 20 Details
N. I. Kosolapova, E. P. Protsenko, A. A. Protsenko, N. P. Nevedrov, E. Yu. Alferova, O.V.Miroshnichenko Some protective features of innovative ecology-safe agricultural preparation “Cavita biocomplex 24 Details
V. Yu. Nikolaev, E. B. Romanova Immunohematological characteristics of amphibia in the Nizhni Novgorod Region water reservoirs of various hydrochemical compositions 31 Details
A. V. Shchur, V. P. Valckho, D. V. Vinogradov Environmental impact of the intesive agriculture development in Belarus 36 Details
О.A.Nikitina, I.A. Gorbunova, N. B. Leonova. Phytoindication of automorphic soils within the Middle Taiga of the Ustyansky plateau (the Arkhangelsk Region) 41 Details
L. A. Chesnokova, S. I. Krasikov, D. S. Karmanova Assessment of the severity of oxidative stress in the animals in the experiment under the influence of the toxicants of organic and inorganic origin 47 Details
A. I. Melchenko, A. N. Kravchenko, E. A. Melnichenko The dynamics of 90Sr accumulation in vegetative and generative organs of different varieties of hazelnut 51 Details
A. N. Saltykov.A. V. Mishchenko Pine forests natural regeneration as a process of autoregulation of the structure of parent plants 56 Details
S. S. Ulanova, I. A. Muchkaeva Aquatic-terrestrial ecotone systems of the Caspian Lowland artificial reservoirs in the case study of the Ded-Khulsun Reservoir 61 Details
A. I. Khomenko, S. V. Muradov, S. V. Rogatykh Thermal water influence of various physiological groups on microorganisms of therapeutic mud 67 Details
S. A. Kabanova, A. M. Danchenko, M. A. Danchenko. The study of the geographical cultures of the Siberian larch (Larix Sibirica) and Sukhatchevs larch (Larix Sukaczewii Dylis) in Northen Kazakhstan 72
Yu. Novoselova, A. L. Novoselov, V.A. Lobkovsky. Evaluation of the opportunities for the development of mining in a region, taking into account the impact of the external environment 76 Details
N. A. Rustamov. Renewable power in Russia: prospects of development, legislative support and state technical regulation 81 Details
D.Yu. Platonov. Prospects of the formation of higher school education in Russia 85 Details
A.N.Kamnev. Irene Hooper as a great teacher, ecologist and educator of the 20th century 90 Details
N. A. Cherpinskaya The environmental safety of the industrial enterprises of the Kemerovo Region in the 1950s 96 Details
G. M. Barinova, G. M. Rumyantseva, A. Y. Romanchuk. Dynamics and trends of cancer morbidity of the population of the Northwestern Federal District of the Russian Federation 105 Details
M. T. Mirakmalov, Sh. М. Sharipov, N. T. Shamuratova. Professor A. A. Rafikovs geoecological scientific school   111 Details
S. A. Dubrovskaya Geoecological evaluation of land floodplain forests in Orenburg 115 Details
V. A. Ilyashchenko, O. S. Sizov. The assessment of reclamation efficiency of oil contaminated land in the Middle Ob of Western Siberia using the modern methods of the dimensional analysis of geo-ecological data 120 Details
V. V. Spiridonova. GIS analysis of natural and technogenic risks in the North Caucasus economic region 124 Details
Sh.B.Kutushev On the results of the cartografic-geodetic research of the north-western part of the Southern Cis-Urals         132 Details
L. A. Mudranova, A. I. Homenko, S. V. Muradov, S. V. Rogatykh. Environmental activation of therapeutic mud in making nanosized silica   138 Details
G.A. Fomenko, A. E. Borodkin, L. K. Merkulova, E. A. Pavlova. The use of the tools for assessing the public health risks in water management planning: a case study of the Kotorosl River Basin         142 Details
B.I. Kochurov, A. I. Rodionova, V. A. Semyonov. Assessment of ecological-economic balance of the Kaluga Region 150 Details
O. N. Polyshchuk The Belgorod Region on the way to the Noosphere Development 157 Details