CONTENTS № 4 - 2016

I. V. Bychkov, I.I. Maximova. Current issues of Lake Baikal protection 5 Details
T. D. Lanina, I. Yu. Bykov, S.A. Rodimtsev, D.A. Prikhodko. Technological bases of decrease in ecological danger of petroindustrial waste: a case study of the Timano-Pechora Province) 10 Details
S. A Kuleshov, I. N. Lykov, A. S. Golofteeva. The study of technological parameters of wastewater treatment with attached biocoenosis 16 Details
E. V. Nadezhkina, O. V. Tushavina, E. S. Nadezhkina, Ya. T. Shatrov, T. I. Khustneddinova Searching for methods of soil remediation after aviation pollution and space-rocket activity             21 Details
S.P. Danko, T. A Lopatukhina, T.N. Savuskan. Ecological assessment of the air and water bodies state in the Rostov Region 25 Details
K. A. Kemelov, M. B. Moldobayev, D. A. Sambaeva, Z. K. Maymekov. The effect of water in water-fuel emulsions on reducing the soot concentration in the gas phase 30 Details
B. I. Kochurov, G. T.-G. Turikeshev, E. V. Kozlova, A. A. Galimova. Climate change within the Southern Urals 37 Details
N. V. Popova. Typing ecosystems based on the evaluation of the relationship of the complex characteristics of the power of ground organic horizons and soil and climatic factors 45 Details
I. S.Krotkov Geo-ecological certification of the national park “Losiny Ostrov” (Elk Island) territory 53 Details
B. I. Kochurov, V. A. Lobkovsky, L. G. Lobkovskaya, Yu.A. Haziahmetova. Basic geoecological concepts as a basis for ecological education 57 Details
D.A. Markelov, A. V. Markelov,  N. Y. Mineeva, M. A. Grigoreva, A. P. Akolzin, D. A. Shapovalov, A. O. Hutorova. Environmental monitoring of the area based on the binary bioindication “Ecomorph — radiotolerance” 62 Details
V. M. Pavleichik, O. G. Kalmykova, O. V. Soroka. The features of microclimatic regime of the steppe burnt areas in the reserve “Burtinskaya steppe” 69 Details
R. Kh. Bordey, L. F. Shepeleva. The impact of urbanization and industrial development on the adventive component of the flora of Surgut and the Surgut district 75 Details
Е. A. Pichugin. Humidity of remediation mixtures on the basis of drill cuttings as an abiotic environmental factor 80 Details
E. G. Shadrina, Ya. L. Vol’pert, V. Uy. Soldatova, N. N. Alekseeva. Comparative analysis of environmental quality in an administrative center and an industrial center in the territory of Yakutia by the level of fluctuating asymmetry of the Japanese White Birch 86 Details
I.B. Shapovalova. The current state of the avifauna of the artificial Sarpa Reservoir under the influence of water and anthropogenic factors 92 Details
I.I.Nikolskaya, S. D. Prokhorova. I.I.Nikolskaya, S. D. Prokhorova. Gully erosion impacts on the topography changes 97 Details
G. T.-G. Turikeshev, A A. Turgumbaev On the development of the hydrographic network in the territory of the Caspian Lowland during the Khvalyn Period 103 Details
N. V. Lavrova. Repeated sinkholes in the territory of Kungur, the Perm Region 109 Details
E. A. Belonovskaya, A. A. Tishkov, N. G. Tsariov. Meadows in the system of conservation of traditional agricultural landscape of the Valdai national Park (the Novgorod Region) 112 Details
L. G. Gavrilov, L. Yu. Yuferev, O. A Roshchin. Hybrid, coaxial, underwater, floating, optoelectronic cable BOGEKS-5 as an optical sensor and conductor for a resonant systems of electricity transmission 1—100 khz for agriculture and other needs 85 Details