CONTENTS № 5 - 2016

A. A. Loginov, I. N. Lykov, A. S. Golofteeva. Suitability of farmlands to the production of commodity output in the conditions of soil pollution with extreme concentration of heavy metals 6 Details
A. V. Litvinenko, A V. Ivanov The analysis of the current situation of fish diseases on the Far Eastern hatcheries 11 Details
N. N. Zelenskaya, A. V. Titovets, R. V. Trashcheev. The assessment of the state of forest vegetation of the Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve on the restoration of the main tree species 16 Details
K. V. Kablova, S. G. Levina, L.F. Sharova. The accumulation and distribution of radionuclides 90Sr and 137Cs in some components of the ecosystems of lake Malye Kirpichiky     23 Details
V. B.Pyshkin, E. I.Ignatov, I. L. Prygunova. Bio-geoinformation methods of ecosystem research in modern ecology 27 Details
O.A. Makarov, A. I. Radin, A D. Russkikh, E. V. Tsvetnov, A D. Karpov, Y. R. Ermiyaev. The study of radiation-contaminated forest soils in the area of impact of the Chernobyl accident 35 Details
Y.A.Babushkina, S. G.Levina The analysis of soil contamination by heavy metals in the zone of influence of the company iron ore mining 41 Details
N. N. Dunaev, E. I. Ignatov, N. V. Politova. The Vistula Spit of the Baltic Sea as a result of the atmosphere, sea and land interaction 45 Details
V. Т. Starozhilov. Landscape geosystems of the Sakhalin branch of the pericontinental landscape belt of Pacific Russia 53 Details
V. P. Petrishchev, K. M. Ahmedenov, S. Yu. Noreika, E. V. Barbazyuk Landscapes of salt domes of Inder as landscape and biological key territory 58 Details
V. I. Poletaeva, M. V. Pastukhov, V. A. Bychinskiy, P. G. Dolgikh. Biogenic elements and oxygen mode of the Boguchany Reservoir during the reservoir filling period 64 Details
E. S. Volkova, М. А. Melnik. The specificity of the criteria of dangerous and adverse natural-climatic phenomena for the agricultural environmental management sphere in the southern taiga of Western Siberia 70 Details
D.S. Klimov, L. N. Belyaeva, A.Y. Karandeev. The conceptual framework of Pyotr Petrovich Semenov-Tian-Shansky’s homeland cultural and natural heritage site 76 Details
R. R. Galieva, А. А. Chibilyov. Geo-ecological aspects of landscape restoration of Obshchy Syrt, disturbed with oil and gas production 80 Details
V. P. Petrishchev, R. V. Ryakhov, S. A Dubrovskaya, S. Yu. Noreika. The assessment of the dynamics of recovery processes and efficiency of recultivation of techno-geosystems of copper-pyrite deposits of the South Urals 85 Details
L. I. Zotova, S. Yu. Dedyusova. The assessment of reindeer pastures status within the industrial gas-oil fields zones of the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous area 92 Details
S. A Kurolap, N. V. Yakovenko, I. V. Komov, O. V. Didenko. The diagnostics of areal situations (based on the information analysis system) 99 Details
E.        A. Filonova, A. S. Kholodov, V. V. Chayka, V. V. Kodintsev, V. A. Drozd, Ya. Yu. Blinovskaya, K. S. Golokhvast. Coal terminals in Primorsky Krai as a source of microdimensional pollution of the atmosphere     104 Details
D.        A. Markelov, A. V.Markelov, N. Y.Mineeva, M. A. Grigoreva, A. P. Akolzin, D. A Shapovalov, A. O. Hutorova. Sustainability as a mechanism for the protection of the biosphere (biobarrier protection concept) 107 Details
T. A. Meshchurova, E. A. Pichugin, M. V. Cherepanov, A S. Gorlenko. The problems of the current system of rationing of air quality, water bodies and soil in the Russian Federation 116 Details
A. A. Loginov, I. N. Lykov, E. L. Konstantinov. The development of the bioindicator method for estimation of the quality of the environment in the territory of Crimea 121 Details
A.N.Zolotokrylin, V. V. Vinogradova The impact of climate change on human vital activities of Russia (estimation method)    125 Details
G.A. Fomenko, M.A. Fomenko, A.A. Terentev, E. A.Arabova. Measuring inclusive green growth: specific features and challenges 131 Details
V. P. Petrishchev, Yu. V. Cherkasova, P. A Kosykh. Historical and geographical aspects of the formation of the rural settlement system in the Orenburg Region 140 Details
P. V. Osipova, L. G. Lobkovskaya. Modelling price influence on hydrocarbons and other risk factors on the development of commercial intercourses between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus 146 Details
L. G. Gavrilov, L. Yu. Yuferev, R. I. Styrkul. Using carbon nanotubes at high frequency resonant system transmission of electricity and applying non-metallic wires for safe electricity supply to fish farms 151 Details