CONTENTS № 2 - 2018

N. E. Ryazanova, K. S. Zaykov The model of competency-based approach of professional education in the frames of international summer school under extreme conditions of the Arctic Region. Part 2 6 Details
E. V. Soboleva, M. A. Shishlova The ecological state of residential areas due to the degree of soil contamination with heavy metals 12 Details
А. V. Leshchev The impact of the ship canal of the port of Arkhangelsk on the suspended matter transfer in the mixing zone “river—sea” of the estuary of the Northern Dvina River 17 Details
P. S. Mamasyov, V. A. Ryabov. The analysis of current trends and conditions for the implementation of low-carbon development mechanisms 22 Details
D.K. Chernyshuk, S. I. Lavrentieva, L. E. Ivachenko, K. S. Golokhvast. The content of the pollutants in the soils of the Amur Region in the places of cultural and wild-growing soybeans growt 27 Details
V. P. Petrishchev. Landscapes of salt domes in the USA: morphostructural analysis and geoecological assessment of nature management 33 Details
D.A. Markelov, B. I. Kochurov, D. A. Shapovalov, N. Ya. Mineeva, A. P. Akolzin, A. O. Khutorova, M. A. Grigorieva, E. A. Chukmasova, Gendenhavyn Nyamdavaa. Populations’ life strategies as a basis for ensuring geoecological safety: recognition, models, projects 38 Details
M. V. Tyutyunkova, S. D. Malakhova, I. Yu. Muradova, Z. S. Fedorova. Enzymatic activity of the sod-podzolic sandy loam soils in conditions of the long-term application of sewage sludge 49 Details
O.M. Bedareva, M. A. Morzikova, E. G Kravcov The life strategy of the caenopopulations of the scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in the virginile period 52 Details
A. V. Kordyukov, A. K Ezhkin. The broadleaf forests of the Arkansas River basin (Sakhalin) 56 Details
S. V. Rogatykh Primer systems used to identify representatives of the community of chemolithotrophic microorganisms in the Shanuch deposit (Kamchatka) 60 Details
T. S. Droganova. A. S. Konichev, L. V. Polikarpova The improved method of fractionating fresh-water mollusks based on the electrophoretic separation under denaturing conditions 65 Details
N. M. Makhnovich The characteristics of the population of Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas, 1771) in the mouth of the Northern Dvina River 68 Details
I. V. Kravchenko, M. V. Filimonova, L. V. Shepeleva, Yu. V. Reutova. Features of heavy metals accumulation in Plantago major L. leaves in conditions of man-caused impact 73 Details
T. M. Kuderina, V. N. Lunin, S. B. Suslova. Geochemical content of precipitation in forest-steppe landscapes of the Kursk biosphere station 78 Details
S. V. Dolgov, S. I. Shaporenko. Geograph-Hydrography prerequisites for the formation of inundations and its consequences in the Northwest Caucasus 84 Details
V. P. Chizhova, E. V. Bukharova, A. E. Razuvaev, N. M. Luzhkova Recreational sustainability of the landscapes in the Folikhinsky wildlife sanctuary (FSE “Zapovednoe Podlemorye”) 91 Details
G.S. Shilkrot. On spatial variability of the chemical composition of the ground (underground) waters of the intact landscape of European Russia 96 Details
A.A. Piotrovskiy, T. Yu. Zengina. The change in the water surface area of the Angarsky Sor due to natural and anthropogenic fluctuations of the water level in Lake Baikal 102 Details
D.V. Stanis, E. N. Latushkina, N. V. Marsheva, E. A. Parakhina. Heavy metals in soils of the landscape reserve “Teply Stan” 109 Details
E. Yu. Dorokhina.   Industrial and eco-industrial parks as a means for the resolution of regional conflicts in the use of natural resources 113 Details
I.V. Abdullaeva, A. V. Bredikhin. Recreational-geomorphological zoning of the South-Eastern Baltic coast 119 Details
I.Yu. Novoselova Conflict-solving modeling at oil pipeline laying 124 Details
T. Sh. Murzagali, O. A. Nikitina, M. V. Larina. Social problems of regional ecology and public health of Sterlitamak, the Republic of Bashkortostan 130 Details
V. T. Starozhilov. The method of the vector layers of landscape mapping and zoning 120 Details