CONTENTS № 3 - 2018

S. N. Rusak, I. I. Varlam, I. V. Kravchenko, K. V. Kazartseva Photosynthetic pigment of the siberian рine (pinus sibirica du tour) in the bioindication of environmental conditions 6 Details
V. V. Panov, K. Y. Zhenikhov, Y. N. Zhenikhov. The impact on the peatlands of industrial and domestic waste waters 12 Details
N. A. Frolova, I. Yu. Reznichenko, V. A. Pomozova, N. V. Shkrabtak, T. V. Babi. Monitoring  the influence of environmental factors on environmentally related diseases 19 Details
E.S. Pankova, E. I. Golubeva Accumulation ability of the brown alga Сystoseira barbata to the accumulation of heavy metals 22 Details
N. K. Khristoforova, А. О. Nesterenko, Е. D. Tselikh, M. H. Akhtyamov. The Relation of the Microelements In Blood Serum and Hair of Adolescents of the Indigenous (Nivhs And Evens) And the Russian Citizens of Khabarovsky Kray 28 Details
A. A. Evseeva The sustainability of forest phytocenosises of the Kaluga urban pine forest 34 Details
O. M. Bedareva, L. S. Murasheva, M. A. Morzikova, E. G. Kravtsov. Dendrflora of landscape parks of Kaliningrad 38 Details
O.Yu. Artemchuk, E. A. Snegin. The analysis of the population structure of the adventive species Helix pomatia (Mollusca, pulmonata) on the basis of the shell phenetic features 44 Details
I.N. Lykov, V. V. Schubert  The ecological condition of small rivers of the Kaluga Region 48 Details
J. B. Izakov, U. Z. Maymekov, N. T. Shaikieva, D. A. Sambaeva, Z. K. Maymekov. The study of the oxygen-water system to assess the degree of its contamination and the concentration distribution of cations and anions in solution 51 Details
N. V. Karmanovskaya, O. V. Nosova, A. D. Borodin, A. A. Miller, F. M. Shamsidinov, E. V. Zolotoreva. The study of the materials located in the territory of the Ministry of Defense in Norilsk for the possibility of their application in wastewater treatment processes at the ente^rises of the Polar Division of PJSC MMC Norilsk Nicke 58 Details
Yu. S. Kalashnikov, O. V. Klepikov, T. V. Khorkhyakova. Ecological and hygienic assessment of the impact of the polluted altered inflow on the water quality in the Don River in the vicinity the city of Voronezh 62 Details
V. A. Fadeev, B. I. Kochurov, I. K. Ermolaev. Possible ways of the improvement of the ecological situation near Krasnoyarsk and Omsk 67 Details
F.A. Darin, O. N. Solomina, A. M. Grachev, A. V. Darin, I. V. Rakshun, D. S. Sorokoletov. The rates of sedimentation and the determination of the boundaries of annual layers of the annually-stratified deposits of proglacial lake Kucherla (Altay) according to the data from scanning micro-X-ray fluorescence analysis based on synchrotron radiation 70 Details
A. F. Zhirkov, P. P. Permyakov, M. N. Zheleznyak. Influence of the subsoil condensation on the thermal and moisture regime of the frozen soils 77 Details
N. V. Popova, T. A. Trifonova The features of the formation and functioning of ground organogenic horizons in soil and phytocoenotic ecosystems of zonal and azonal types 90 Details
V. A. Gorbanyov, B. I. Kochurov. Zoning of the Russian Federation territory: internal and international aspects (ОТОЗВАНА / RETRACTED 25/03/2019) 96 Details
A. V. Bulokhov. Dynamics of placement of heat supply facilities of Great Britain and their influence on landscapes and adjacent water areas for the entire period of existence of branch 112 Details
A. A. Loginov, I. N. Lykov, M. A. Vasilyeva. The integrated assessment of the value of forest ecosystem services 120 Details
D.I. Vasilieva, V. V. Voronin, A. G. Vlasov, E. S. Most, A. S. Chrapunov. Results of land reform in Russia: ecological and economic aspect 125 Details
A.L. Novoselov, I. Yu. Novoselova, V. A. Lobkovsky. Social-ecological rehabilitation projects financing in the mining regions on the basis of state- private partnership 132 Details
N. I. Zaznobina, Е. D. Molkova, V. А. Basyrov, D. B. Gelashvili. Rating analysis of brics countries socio-ecological-economic indicators on the basis of the generalized desirability function 137 Details
А.M. Sarayeva, L. V. Sukhanov, S. U. Novakova. About teaching geography according to the program of a bachelor degree 143 Details