CONTENTS № 1 - 2019

E. I. Golubeva, A. A. Chervyakova, N. Y. Shmakova, M. V. Zimin, Y. I. Timokhina. Specific and phytocenotic peculiarities of the pigment structure of the plants of the North 6 Details
E. A. Artemyeva, A. V. Maslennikov, M. S. Zhdanova, L. A. Maslennikova, V. A. Krivosheev. To the modern condition of  the biota at the adjusting territories of the wind park “Ulyanovsky” (the Ulyanovsk region) 13 Details
A. A. Zorina Technological and  latitudinal variation of asymmetry value of Betula pendula and Betula Pubescens 21 Details
G. G. Kozlova, S. A. Onina, A. R. Mahmutov, Z. R. Bahtegareyeva, A. S. Mihaylova. The determination of selenium and its antagonists in some bee products 29 Details
E. A. Minakova, A. P. Shlychkov, Sh. R. Pozdnyakov, S. A. Kondratyev. Evaluation Of The Value Of Biogenic Substances From The Atmosphere To The Private Water Collection Of The Kuibyshev Reservoir In The Republic Of Tatarstan 34 Details
G. V. Trebeleva, Yu. V. Gorlov Cultural  landscape of the Taman Peninsula in ancient times 39 Details
E. M. Nesterov, D. A. Morozov, M. A. Markova, P. I. Egorov, A. M. Bobrova Geochemical indication of lake sediments in the North-West of the Russian Federation 47 Details
A. S. Lokhov, I. V. Miskevich. Oil spill modeling in the foreshore area of the Russian  Western Arctic seas 56 Details
S. N. Kirillov, A. O. Grechishkin, A. V. Kholodenko The regulation of recreational loads on the steppe landscapes in the natural parks of the Volgograd Region 65 Details
A. S. Nekrich, R. D. Panov, S. K. Kostovska, D. B. Tatarkov, V. I. Dvukhshorstnоv The creation of the base for sustainable development and environmental management optimization in Russia through eсоlogical and geographical education 71 Details
A. A. Tokareva, G. V. Kutlusurina, Y. S. Aronova. The role of surface and groundwater of the arid zone in the transformation of natural complexes: a case study of the Astrakhan region 78 Details
I. Yu. Novoselova, А. A. Avramenko The compensation mechanism of the conflicts between the extracting corporation and the population in the region 85 Details
M. R. Tsibulnikova, N. V. Gorina Accounting and assessment of the natural capital as an instrument of environmental management 91 Details
N. V. Maksakovskiy, A. A. Butorin Methodological aspects of the Russian practice of promoting new sites to the UNESCO World Heritage List 97 Details
A. L. Novoselov Probabilistic assessment of the past (accumulated) damage from environmental pollution at the regional level 103 Details
I. N. Simonova, T. A. Panina Ecological and economic efficiency of the measures to reduce the amount of waste at the enterprise of JSC “Stary Pivovar” Penza 108 Details
D. N. Balykin, N. M. Kovalevskaya, A. V. Puzanov, K. Teshebaeva, J. van Huissteden. Results of a reconnaissance study of soil and surface water of Bovanenkovo gas-condensate field (Yamal peninsula) 111 Details
V. N. Veselova, L. B. Bashalkhanova, L. M. Korytny. Environmental and climatic living conditions of the population in the Baikal region 117 Details
G. A. Fomenko, A. I. Akhremenko, K. A. Loshadkin, D. A. Travina Nature-based solutions approach to the development of water supply system from surface waters of Pleshcheyevo lake basin 126 Details
V. A. Shchepetova, T. Karpina. On the possibility of applying ODM-2F sorbent for wastewater treatment at the enterprise of PJSC T-Plus (CHPP-1, Penza) 135 Details
V. A. Shcherba, A. Ch. S. Gomes, K. A. Vorobiev. Problems and Prospects of Associated Petroleum Gas Utilization in the Russian Federation 139 Details
A. A. Slauta, A. A. Lazarewa, T. E. Afonina Assessment of recreational impact on geosystems with special conditions of environmental management 145 Details